Brand Ambassador Programme


Wolfsthetics is growing and we’re looking for loyal brand ambassadors to join the pack, who share the same passion for fitness. We want you to embody the lifestyle to become a fitness inspiration for others.

This is not a sponsorship, but it is the first step towards one and we do consider sponsorship to our most successful ambassadors.


As an ambassador, you will promote Wolfsthetics throughout your community and social media platforms. We want you to share your inspirations and enthusiasm with our growing and like-minded community.

You would be expected to participate in actively marketing our brand online. This entails generating online content for all social media platforms. And be passionate about health & fitness, and of course about our brand.

Here are the specifics:

• Post at least 1 photo every week, of either you wearing our gear, or sharing one of our photos from our social media.
• Remain respectful and endorse Wolfsthetics in a positive manner.
• Remain positive and motivated, sharing your health and fitness inspirations to your audience.


• 20% of all clothing purchases for yourself.
• Your own unique link and a discount code to promote us.
• 10% commission on all orders placed by someone following your unique link or using your discount code.
• A dashboard to view your statistics and track your sales.
• And much more depending on how you perform.


The main thing we’re looking for is passion, we want people to join our team who want to help us grow. And in return for promoting our products online, on social networks, and face to face, you’ll be paid 10% commission on every sale you generate, which is tracked through your unique referral link or discount code.

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, then please submit the following:

- First Name:

- Last Name:

- Email:

- Links to your social media pages:

- If approved, are you happy to purchase our products to help with promotion?:

- A short essay on why you would make an excellent Wolfsthetics   ambassador, focusing on the following points:
1. Which amazing qualities of yours would make you a great ambassador?
2. What are your active passions and the things that motivate and inspire you?
3. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
NOTE: Your form asks if I'm willing to purchase from you to help with promotion, is this mandatory?

In one word, yes. The reason for this is not because we want to make money from you, it is to prove that you are willing to support the brand and that you are serious about promoting Wolfsthetics and helping us grow. This is to avoid people becoming ambassadors for the wrong reasons, and not actually promoting us in the right way.

There is no minimum spend, but we believe that asking you to invest into the brand to become an ambassador is fair. After all, how can you really promote us and call yourself an ambassador if you don’t even own any of our products? Above and beyond, if you promote us effectively, you should be able to earn the money you spend back quite quickly anyways.
Please submit your application to

We are excited to read through your application, and we hope to welcome you on to our team.